Photo Challenge

Chronic Hyperpigmented Patches on the Legs

A 37-year-old man with a history of cerebral palsy, bipolar disorder, and impulse control disorder presented to the emergency department with...

Aesthetic Dermatology Update

Acid series: Lactic acid

One of the most commonly used organic acids used on the skin, lactic acid, has been used for over 3 decades.

Dx Across the Skin Color Spectrum

Acne Vulgaris

A 27-year-old Hispanic woman with comedonal and inflammatory acne. Erythema is prominent around the inflammatory lesions. Note the pustule on the...

Cosmeceutical Critique

Vetiver: More than a pleasant aroma?

An important ingredient in the contemporary perfume and cosmetics industries, vetiver, is the only grass cultivated throughout the world to retain...