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BEST PRACTICES IN: Approaches to Pruritus


A supplement to Skin & Allergy News. This supplement was supported by Ferndale Laboratories Inc.


• Impact of Pruritus on Quality of Life

• Screening for Psychogenic Causes

• Palpation

• Medication History

• Xerosis (dry skin)

• Cutaneous Infestations

• Systemic Diseases

• Malignancy

• Neuropathic Pruritus

• Atypical Causes

• Diagnostic Workup

• Managing Pruritus

• Summary

Faculty/Faculty Disclosure

Joseph B. Bikowski, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Bikowski Skin Care Center
Sewickley, PA
Dr. Bikowski has received honoraria from Allergan, Inc., Coria Laboratories, Ltd., Galderma Laboratories, L.P., Intendis GmbH, Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, OrthoDermatologics, Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Stiefel Laboratories, Inc., and Warner Chilcott; served on advisory boards for Coria, Galderma, Intendis, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc., Stiefel, and Warner Chilcott; has been a speaker for Allergan, Coria, Galderma, Intendis, Promius Pharma, LLC, Ranbaxy, and Stiefel; has a consulting agreement with Allergan, Coria, Galderma, Intendis, Medicis, Promius, OrthoDermatologics, and Stiefel; and is a stockholder for Quinnova.

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