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Oral Contraceptives for Acne Treatment: Prescribing Practices of US Dermatologists

In this edition of the "Peer to Peer" audiocast series, Dr. Vincent DeLeo speaks with Dr. Cynthia L. Chen about the prescribing practices of US dermatologists regarding oral contraceptives (OCPs) for acne treatment. Dr. Chen describes the results of a recent survey that was used to collect data about the demographics and practice settings of dermatologists who prescribe OCPs in the United States as well as how their knowledge and beliefs about OCPs inform their prescribing practices. She also discusses the use of 4th-generation drospirenone-containing OCPs, which have been shown to be slightly more effective for acne than other combined OCPs but also are associated with an increased risk of venous and thromboembolic events. Dr. Chen also explains her process for prescribing OCPs for acne treatment, including how to discuss the effects of hormonal treatments with patients.

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