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VIDEO: Rosacea patients no longer considered in ‘buckets’



LAS VEGAS– Clinicians are starting to see and treat rosacea differently, Julie Harper, MD, said in a video interview at Skin Disease Education Foundation’s annual Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar.

“For a long time, we thought about putting rosacea patients into buckets,” based on the predominant type of rosacea they had, such as papulopustular, ocular, or erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, but “what we find is that people have pieces and parts of all of those,” she commented.

In the interview, Dr. Harper, a dermatologist in private practice in Birmingham, Ala., emphasized the importance of directing treatment to all aspects of an individual patient’s rosacea, using combinations of treatments that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, “or at least proven to be effective for these different parts” of the disease. “That’s something that’s really new in our thinking,” she said.

Dr. Harper disclosed relationships with multiple companies including Allergan, Bayer, Galderma, La Roche-Posay, Promius, and Valeant.

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