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A recommended role for hedgehog inhibitors

Hedgehog inhibitors work best as neoadjuvant therapy to shrink large skin cancer tumors prior to excision, Dr. Goldman said. “Hedgehog inhibitors don’t cure anything … except for rare cases of small basal cell carcinomas.” For most lesions, however, the strategy is not curative.

Dr. Goldman recommended treating patients with neoadjuvant hedgehog inhibitors to achieve the maximum tumor shrinking effect. Adverse effects tend to develop slowly over time, typically after a 6-week “grace period.” Nighttime leg muscle cramps, loss of taste, hair loss, and weight loss can occur. Also, electrolyte imbalances can occur, particularly in older patients with renal clearance issues. When the patient can no longer reasonably tolerate the adverse effects, which is usually the case, “then you do the surgery,” Dr. Goldman said.

“The benefits of neoadjuvant hedgehog inhibitors include predictable shrinkage of tumors,” and manufacturers have been helpful with financial issues, he noted.

Dr. Goldman had no relevant financial disclosures. Dr. Spencer has served on the speakers bureau for Genentech and Leo Pharma.


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