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BEST PRACTICES IN: The Role of Copay Reduction Programs Within a Physician's Practice.


A supplement to Skin & Allergy News. This supplement was sponsored by Ferndale Laboratories Inc.


  • Copay Reduction
  • Patient Rebate Programs
  • Prescription Abandonment Rates
  • Importance of Communication between Providers and their Patients

Faculty/Faculty Disclosure

Joseph S. Eastern, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology
Seton Hall UniversitySchool of GraduateMedical Education
South Orange, NJ

Dr. Eastern has a consulting agreement with Abbott Laboratories, Amgen, Inc., Aqua Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Graceway Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, Promius Pharma, LLC, Stiefel Laboratories, Inc., Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Warner Chilcott; and is a stockholder of Medicis.

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