Rosacea: Quality of life improves with treatment success


The number of patients reporting improvements in quality of life following treatment increased with degree of skin clearance, according to a survey from the National Rosacea Society.

The survey was conducted among 1,044 patients with rosacea, and 76% saw at least some improvement in their skin following treatment. Of all patients who responded to treatment, 40% reported improvement in psychological well-being, 35% reported improvement in social well-being, and 31% reported improvement in occupational well-being.

The percentages of patients reporting improvements were higher or lower depending on the degree of skin clearance. Among patients whose signs and symptoms of rosacea were virtually eliminated, 81% said psychological well-being improved, 71% said social well-being did so, and 62% said occupational well-being improved. Among those whose rosacea improved only slightly or moderately, the percentages of well-being improvement were only 24%, 21%, and 19%, respectively.

The National Rosacea Society serves as a resource to provide information on the disorder, as well as increase awareness and support research.

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