Dermatology history: University Hospital ‘Saint Louis,’ Paris


The Henri-Feulard library – known as the “Dermatology Wax Museum” – is a fascinating place that houses the world’s largest collection of 4,807 wax casts dedicated to teaching skin diseases and venereal diseases.

The Dr. Henri Feulard library, known as the Dermatology Wax Museum, houses the world’s largest collection of wax casts dedicated to teaching skin diseases and venereal diseases, with 4,807 pieces. Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris

The Dr. Henri Feulard library, known as the Dermatology Wax Museum, houses the world’s largest collection of wax casts dedicated to teaching skin diseases and venereal diseases, with 4,807 pieces.

The library next to the museum contains numerous outstanding ancient works on dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases, including first issues of dermatology journals from the 19th century and rare dermatology textbooks published in the last 2 centuries.

The recently renovated museum hosts national and international dermatological meetings and is also where the hospital’s dermatology staff meets weekly.

In the dermatology department at Saint-Louis Hospital, patient care is provided in two hospital areas with 18 beds each and a day hospital with 8 beds for patients with inflammatory and dysimmune dermatoses, including a special room with a bathtub for the management of patients with severe genodermatoses. The department is a referral center for genodermatoses and a dedicated center for autoimmune bullous diseases.

Patients with all types of skin tumors, particularly melanomas, carcinomas, sarcomas, and cutaneous lymphomas, are treated at the oncodermatology center, which has a 10-bed day hospital and a very active consultation service. The Saint-Louis Hospital dermatology department is also a National Reference Center for cutaneous lymphomas, providing four Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings, a national MCM for cutaneous lymphomas, and a multidisciplinary MCM for the diagnosis and treatment of side effects of new targeted therapies and immunotherapies for cancers.

The dermatology polyclinic, an outpatient clinic, provides 54,000 consultations per year. It includes a very active general consultation service, including a wide variety of specialized consultations for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, hand dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, internal medicine/dermatology, bullous diseases, keloids, angiomas, leprosy, genodermatoses, and medical mycology.

Anonymous, free screening services are available at the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Center through “CeGIDD,” a free center for HIV/AIDS screening and specialized consultations in venereology and mucosal pathologies.

The surgical activity of the department is provided in the Center of Dermo-Surgery. Dedicated medical and paramedical consultations ensure the management of ulcers and therapeutic baths for patients and families with refractory scabies.

The technical platform includes an allergology consultation, a phototherapy center, a Fotofinder diagnosis, a photodynamic therapy unit, and a confocal microscopy unit. The department, completed in September 2019 with a laser center with four devices, also works in close collaboration with the Sabouraud Center, created by Dr. Sabouraud and dedicated to the investigation and treatment of scalp diseases.

We are absolutely aware that working in a hospital so rich in past personalities and discoveries and part of the history of dermatology is not only a huge honor requiring a special commitment to continue the tradition of research and excellence in dermatology initiated hundreds of years ago, but also an important responsibility to focus all our efforts on teaching dermatology to next generations in France and around the world. It is also our responsibility to pursue this historic tradition of excellence by developing dynamic translational research activities that lead to innovations in the field of dermatology.

Professor Bagot is head of the dermatology department of University Hospital Saint-Louis, Paris. Dr. Ionescu is a specialist in dermatology and venereology in the department of dermatology at University Hospital Saint-Louis in Paris and is a member of the Dermatology News editorial board. Write to them at


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