Evidence for Laser- and Light-Based Treatment of Acne Vulgaris

Indeed, the aim of acne treatment should be to reduce the impact and existence of symptoms, including psychosocial sequelae of the disease.


Girish S. Munavalli, MD, Mhs, and Robert A. Weiss, MD

Acne is a very prevalent skin disorder, affecting more than 85% of adolescents and often continuing into adulthood. Active acne and its sequelae, especially permanent scarring, may cause longstanding psychological or emotional harm in patients. Novel and promising treatments with laser/light devices (such as blue light, red light, pulsed dye laser, infrared lasers, light-emitting diodes, and pulsed light) have been reported to have varying degrees of efficacy for treatment. The authors compiled a summary of evidence-based literature on laser/light treatment for acne to assist clinicians to more appropriately identify treatment options, should they choose to supplement current medical antiacne therapies.

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