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In the Pipeline for Psoriasis: Upcoming Psoriasis Treatments

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Psoriasis is a chronic debilitating disease in which dermatologists take a frontline role in improving the quality of life of affected patients. Although recent years have seen the advent of numerous new medications for the treatment of psoriasis, there still is considerable room for improvement in our treatment of this condition. Novel insights into the underlying mechanisms of psoriasis have yielded exciting new potential medications, many with promising preliminary efficacy data. The upcoming systemic agents for the treatment of psoriasis are presented in this article, encompassing novel biologics and small-molecule medicines (eg, IL-17 receptor blockers, Janus kinase [Jak] inhibitors). The underlying mechanisms and currently available data for each drug will be discussed to impart a working knowledge of these new treatment options to dermatology residents, as these drugs may soon be added to our armamentarium for treating psoriasis.


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