The Optimized Doctor

Timeless stories

Listening to a patient's tales is one of the benefits of being a physician.

The Optimized Doctor

Noise in medicine

There is one true diagnosis and best treatment, yet because of noise, we waste time and resources by not getting it right the first time.

Pruritus Emeritus

Expert advice

Addressing the reasons people give for their positions, or the reasons others assign to them, may sometimes help people reconsider.

Aesthetic Dermatology Update

Acid series: Lactic acid

One of the most commonly used organic acids used on the skin, lactic acid, has been used for over 3 decades.

Cosmeceutical Critique

Vetiver: More than a pleasant aroma?

An important ingredient in the contemporary perfume and cosmetics industries, vetiver, is the only grass cultivated throughout the world to retain...