Photo Challenge

Yellowish Papulonodular Periorbital Eruption

A 66-year-old woman with a history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and mild dyslipidemia presented with persistent lesions over the eyelids and cheeks...

Dermpath Diagnosis

Pretibial Myxedema

Pretibial myxedema is a cutaneous mucinosis associated with thyroid dysfunction. The differential diagnosis includes nephrogenic systemic fibrosis...

Photo Challenge

Nontender Nodules on the Lower Lip

A 71-year-old woman presented with multiple 3×3-mm, firm, nontender nodules of 3 years’ duration on the mucosal surface of the lower lip that...

Dermpath Diagnosis

Hailey-Hailey Disease

Hailey-Hailey disease typically presents as suprabasal blisters with a perivascular and interstitial lymphocytic infiltrate. The differential...

Case Letter

Disseminated Waxy Papules: A Sign of Systemic Disease

Generalized lichen myxedematosus is an instructive example of skin lesions being the presenting sign of a systemic disease. The course of the...