Dermpath Diagnosis

Clear Cell Acanthoma

Clear cell acanthoma (CCA) was first described by Degos et al in 1962. Also known as Degos acanthoma or pale cell acanthoma, CCA is an uncommon...

Dermpath Diagnosis

Lichen Planopilaris

Lichen planopilaris (LPP) is a chronic, progressive, scarring alopecia that clinically presents as patchy or diffuse hair loss. The crown and...

Dermpath Diagnosis

Verruciform Xanthoma

Verruciform xanthomas typically present as asymptomatic, flat, solitary papules or plaques on the oral mucosa but also can occur on the genital...

Dermpath Diagnosis


Myrmecia, named after the bulldog ant because of its clinical resemblance to an ant hill, is a plantar wart caused by human papillomavirus 1...