Dermpath Diagnosis

Pigmented Mass on the Shoulder

A 37-year-old woman presented with an asymptomatic, indurated, pigmented, subcutaneous nodule on the right shoulder of more than 3 years' duration...

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Well-Circumscribed Tumor on the Hand

A 52-year-old man presented to the dermatology clinic with a 2×3-cm, fungating, dome-shaped, ulcerative, moist, well-circumscribed tumor with...


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Rapidly Growing Retroauricular Tumor

A 72-year-old man with a history of hypertension presented with a rapidly growing left retroauricular tumor of 3 months' duration. When...

Dermpath Diagnosis

Ill-Defined Macule on the Abdomen

A 38-year-old woman presented with an asymptomatic lesion on the abdomen. On physical examination, there was a 5×2-mm, solitary, ill-defined pink...

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Grouped Erythematous Papules and Plaques on the Trunk

A 34-year-old man presented to the outpatient dermatology clinic with 3 groups of mildly pruritic, erythematous papules and plaques on the right...

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Rapidly Enlarging Neoplasm on the Face

An 88-year-old woman presented for evaluation of an asymptomatic facial lesion that she first noticed 3 months prior, with rapid growth over the...

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Recurrent Pruritic Multifocal Erythematous Rash

A 60-year-old man with a history of hyperlipidemia developed acute onset of an intensely pruritic and painful burning rash on the dorsal aspect of...

Case Letter

Multiple Subcutaneous Dermoid Cysts

The majority of dermoid cysts are congenital; however, they may be acquired from traumatic implantation of epidermal elements into the dermis. The...

Dermpath Diagnosis

Enlarging Nodule on the Thigh

A 68-year-old patient presented with an enlarging flesh-colored nodule on the thigh that was positive for cytokeratin 20 and negative for...