Dermpath Diagnosis

Firm Digital Papulonodules in an Infant

A 3-month-old girl presented with papulonodules on the distal left ring finger. Initially the lesions were thought to be insect bites but became...

Photo Challenge

Linear Violaceous Papules in a Child

A 5-year-old Black girl presented to the dermatology clinic with a stable pruritic eruption on the right leg of 1 month’s duration. Physical...

Clinical Review

Management of Pediatric Nail Psoriasis

This article aims to summarize existing information—small case series and case reports—on the successful therapeutic approaches for nail psoriasis...

Case Reports

Pediatric Subungual Exostosis

Exostosis is a benign osteochondral tumor commonly found on the lateral or medial aspect of the hallux (great toe) in pediatric and young adult...