ACO Insider: Not ready for an ACO? Think CPC+



Although the shift to payment for improved population health can herald the golden age of primary care, you cannot default on this opportunity through inaction. It is urgent that you choose a path to value-care delivery. CPC+ provides the ability for greater cash flow and flexibility for primary care practices to deliver high-quality, whole-person patient-centered care.

Mr. Bobbitt is head of the health law group at the Smith Anderson law firm in Raleigh, N.C. He is president of Value Health Partners, LLC, a health care strategic consulting company. He has years of experience assisting physicians to form integrated delivery systems and prepare for the value-based compensation era. Mr. Parker is a member of the health law group at Smith Anderson and works with Mr. Bobbitt to guide physicians regarding preparing for value-based care. This article is meant to be educational and does not constitute legal advice. For additional information, readers may contact the author at or 919-821-6612.


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