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HIV infection linked to higher risk of non-melanoma skin cancer



Overall, those who were HIV-positive were more likely to develop BCC (IRR, 1.79, 95% CI, 1.43-2.22), and males who reported sex with men had an even higher risk (IRR, 2.30, 95% CI, 1.76-3.02).

As for SCC, the IRR was 5.40 (95% CI, 3.07-9.52) among those who were HIV-positive, compared with the background population, and the researchers found evidence that risk increased with level of immunosuppression. Those who indicated heterosexual and male homosexual transmission had similar rates of SCC.

The rates of BCC or SCC were not higher among siblings of HIV-positive patients.

In addition, the risk of melanoma was not increased among those who were HIV-positive subjects or their siblings, when compared with the background group. However, the researchers noted that the study turned up a low number of HIV-positive subjects with melanoma, potentially throwing off the results.