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Symptom Burden in People with MF, Thrombocytopenia

Leuk Res; 2017 Dec; Scotch, Kosiorek, et al

Symptom burden is greater with people with myelofibrosis (MF) who also have thrombocytopenia than it is in those with MF only, according to a study involving 418 individuals. Participants had MF either with (n=89) or without (n=329) thrombocytopenia. Investigators looked at quality of life and symptom burden. Among the results:

  • More patients with thrombocytopenia experienced anemia (76% vs 45%), leukopenia (29% vs 11%), and red blood cell transfusion (35% vs 19%).
  • They also had higher levels of fatigue, early satiety, inactivity, dizziness, sad mood, cough, night sweats, itching, fever, and weight loss.
  • More patients with severe thrombocytopenia experienced anemia (86% vs 67%), leukopenia (40% vs 20%), and transfusion (51% vs 20%).
  • Symptoms in patients with severe vs moderate thrombocytopenia were similar.


Scotch AH, Kosiorek H, Scherber R, et al. Symptom burden profile in myelofibrosis patients with thrombocytopenia: Lessons and unmet needs. Leuk Res. 2017;63:34-40. doi:10.1016/j.leukres.2017.10.002.