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These MPNs Are More Likely to Progress to Leukemia

Future Oncol; ePub 2017 Jun 7; Shrestha, et al

Patients with myelofibrosis are more likely than those with essential thrombocythemia to progress to leukemia, according to a study involving 83 individuals. Moreover, survival is extremely poor regardless of myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) subtype.

Participants--from the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results 13 database—all had MPNs that transformed to leukemia. Among the results:

  • The 5-year incidence of leukemic transformation was more than 2% in males, vs slightly more than 1% in females.
  • It was more than 2% in patients with myelofibrosis.
  • In patients with essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera, the incidence was 0.37% and 0.72%, respectively.
  • Patients survived a median of 2 months after leukemic transformation.
  • Survival was worse in older patients.
  • Prior MPN subtypes had no impact.


Shrestha R, Girl S, Armitage J, Bhatt V. Leukemic transformation in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms: A population-based retrospective study. [Published online ahead of print June 7, 2017]. Future Oncol. doi:10.2217/fon-2016-0510.