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Acute pancreatitis


Dear Colleagues,

Acute pancreatitis has long been one of the “bread and butter” conditions in gastroenterology and having up-to-date knowledge on its management will serve our community well. In this issue of The New Gastroenterologist, Abhishek Gulati and Georgios Papachristou (University of Pittsburgh) provide a comprehensive review of the latest advances in the treatment of acute pancreatitis and its complications, which has direct application to GI clinical practice.

Bryson W. Katona, MD, PHD

With the increase of hospitalists throughout all of medicine, it is only a matter of time before this model is seen more frequently in the GI community. To address the opportunities in this changing landscape of inpatient gastroenterology, David Wan (New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center) provides an interesting perspective on pursuing a career as a GI hospitalist. Additionally, Laurie Keefer (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) covers the very important topic of burnout in medicine, including how to avoid it.

Also included in this issue of The New Gastroenterologist is an article highlighting the importance of diversity in gastroenterology training by Sandra Quezada (University of Maryland) and an article on financial tips to ensure a secure retirement by an experienced contract and tax attorney. Additionally, Peter Liang (New York University), Tatyana Kushner (University of California at San Francisco), and Folasade May (University of California at Los Angeles), who are all members of the AGA Institute Trainee and Early Career Committee, provide an overview of the work that they have done to benefit the early career gastroenterology community and the opportunities that exist for getting involved in related AGA activities.

In prior issues of The New Gastroenterologist, we have typically featured a case from the “Clinical Challenges and Images in GI” section of Gastroenterology. However, in this issue we will instead feature a “Practical Teaching Case,” which is one of Gastroenterology’s newest features with a specific focus on the trainee and early-career gastroenterologist. These new cases are great didactic resources and I hope that they become a part of the regular reading of the early career GI community.

If you enjoy the articles in The New Gastroenterologist, have suggestions for future issues, or are interested in contributing to future issues, please let us know! You can contact me (bryson.katona@uphs.upenn.edu) or the Managing Editor of The New Gastroenterologist, Ryan Farrell (rfarrell@gastro.org).


Bryson W. Katona, MD, PhD

Editor in Chief

Bryson W. Katona is a instructor of medicine in the division of gasteroenterology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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