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Pankaj Rajvanshi, MD, FAASLD – Healthswim App
“At this time, most patient education is provided by Dr. Google,” Dr. Rajvanshi said, “and we want to change that. We have built a platform which allows you, the physician, to create custom, curated, credible content that can be delivered seamlessly to your patients on an ongoing basis.”

Through the Healthswim app, patients subscribe to their providers, allowing access physician-approved content. Subscribers also receive provider updates through their social media feeds.

Dr. Rajvanshi is a gastroenterologist at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle.

Ali S. Karakurum, MD, FACP, FACG – A Device for Removal of Esophageal Food Impactions
“I would like to propose a device which consists of a clear overtube, a collapsible plastic cylindrical basket secured to the distal end of the overtube ... and a snare wire attached to the distal end of the basket which is controlled by the snare handle externally,” Dr. Karakurum said. “The device is ... gradually advanced over the scope for the basket to encompass the food bolus under direct visualization. Once the food bolus is within the basket, the wire loop at the end of the basket is closed via the external handle, securing the food bolus in the basket for safe removal.”

Dr. Karakurum is a gastroenterologist at Advanced Gastroenterology & Endoscopy, Port Jefferson, N.Y.

This article was updated 5/14/21.


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