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This month, the current Editor-in-Chief and his Editorial Board will conclude our 5-year term. Megan Adams MD, JD, MSc, from the University of Michigan School of Medicine will assume my position. She has a stellar academic, research, and teaching record and is one of the best writers I know. She and her Board of Editors will carry on the tradition of GIHN.

Dr. John I. Allen

The idea of an official newspaper of the AGA came from AGA staff in 2006. The goals of the newspaper were twofold: to communicate the latest news and information to practitioners to help them stay at the forefront of patient care and to develop another revenue stream for our society. The newspaper was launched in January 2007 with Charles Lightdale MD, AGAF, as the first editor and Colin W. Howden MD, AGAF, as the second (each with 5-year terms). While they wrote occasional editorials, I began writing 300-word essays for each issue. I have tried diligently to maintain a balanced viewpoint for all my editorials, although this has been difficult in the recent past and current national environment.

The paper evolved from a simple print publication to a multimedia communications vehicle that includes online-only content, videos, supplements, quizzes, and more. Last year, we published our first “Data Trends,” a supplement containing 10 or so brief articles written by content experts, covering current topics of high interest. As the paper evolved, we broadened our target audience to include research scientists, international practitioners and others interested in digestive diseases.

As I did last month, I would like to thank the AGA and Frontline Medical Communications staff for their dedication and constant work to bring you this newspaper.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to Tadataka “Tachi” Yamada, who died this last month at the age of 76 years. He was one of the premier advocates for global health. His contributions to our field thru research, philanthropy, and leadership were enormous. We will miss him greatly.

John I Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF
Editor in Chief

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