Giving thanks


Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday: a chance to reconnect with family and friends as well as time for reflection, gratitude, and hope. While Thanksgiving 2020 (sadly) was spent eating takeout turkey on the couch due to the pandemic, I am hopeful that Thanksgiving 2021 will for most of us bring a return to the holiday traditions that sustain us.

Dr. Megan A. Adams

Dr. Megan A. Adams

In this month’s issue of GIHN, we highlight several important studies impacting frontline clinical practice. Relevant to patients with liver disease, we highlight work evaluating the potential supra-additive effects of alcohol intake and obesity in impacting cirrhosis incidence and assessing the comparative performance of non-invasive screening tests in detecting NASH-related fibrosis. Another study of note, relevant to clinical management of GERD, suggests that combinations of abnormal pH-impedance monitoring metrics may predict PPI nonresponders better than individual metrics and could be used to identify patients more likely to respond to invasive GERD management.

We also wish to acknowledge in this issue the outstanding work that AGA and its fellow societies do on behalf of the gastroenterology community in developing and harmonizing ACGME Reporting Milestones for GI and Transplant Hepatology fellowship programs to assist with trainee assessment. Our fellowship trainees represent the future of our profession, and it is of critical importance that we train competent, compassionate professionals who will provide outstanding clinical care to our patients. Kudos to the team, including Dr. Brijen Shah, GI & Hepatology News associate editor Dr. Janice Jou, and others, for their hard work on Milestones 2.0!

Megan A. Adams, MD, JD, MSc
Editor in Chief

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