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Management of gastroparesis in 2022



Patients with Gp symptoms are becoming increasingly recognized and referred to gastroenterologists. Better understandings of the pathophysiology of the spectrum of gastroparesis syndromes, assisted by innovations in diagnosis, have led to expansion of existing and new therapeutic approaches. Fortunately, most patients can benefit from a standardized diagnostic approach and directed noninvasive therapies. Patients with refractory gastroparesis symptoms, often with complex issues referred to gastroenterologists, remain a challenge, and novel approaches may improve their quality of life.

Dr. Mathur is a GI motility research fellow at the University of Louisville, Ky. He reports no conflicts of interest. Dr. Abell is the Arthur M. Schoen, MD, Chair in Gastroenterology at the University of Louisville. His main funding is NIH GpCRC and NIH Definitive Evaluation of Gastric Dysrhythmia. He is an investigator for Cindome, Vanda, Allergan, and Neurogastrx; a consultant for Censa, Nuvaira, and Takeda; a speaker for Takeda and Medtronic; and a reviewer for UpToDate. He is also the founder of ADEPT-GI, which holds IP related to mucosal stimulation and autonomic and enteric profiling.


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