From the editor: Building community - Introducing Member Spotlight


Happy New Year, everyone! In early December, I attended the 2022 AGA Women’s Leadership Collaboration Conference to discuss strategies to promote gender equity in our profession. It was an inspiring weekend and reminded me how many talented individuals we have in the field of gastroenterology, all with fascinating personal and professional stories and much to contribute. I think I speak for all attendees in saying that it was a privilege to have the opportunity to interact with this amazing group of women leaders, reflect on our shared experiences and visions for the future of GI, and expand our networks.

Dr. Megan A. Adams

This month we are excited to launch a new recurring feature in the newspaper and online – the Member Spotlight column. AGA has more than16,000 members from varied backgrounds. Yet the reality is that each of our individual networks is much smaller, and we would all benefit from learning more about one other and building a greater sense of community. To that end, starting with this issue, we will feature a different AGA member each month in our Member Spotlight column. The goal of this new feature is to recognize AGA members’ accomplishments across all career stages and practice settings, to highlight the diversity of our membership, and to help AGA members feel more connected by learning more about each other. Our inaugural Member Spotlight column highlights Patricia Jones, MD, associate professor at the University of Miami and an accomplished hepatologist. We thank Dr. Jones for sharing her story with us.

This will be a recurring monthly feature, so please consider nominating your colleagues (including trainees, practicing GIs in academics and community practice, those with non-traditional careers or unique pursuits outside of medicine, and others) to be featured in future Member Spotlight columns! It’s a great way for the nominee’s accomplishments to be recognized and to build a sense of community among the broader AGA membership. To submit a nomination, please send the nominee’s name, email, and a brief description of why you are nominating them to: We look forward to reviewing your submissions and hope you will use these Member Spotlights as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone new and expand your networks.

Megan A. Adams, MD, JD, MSc

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