Letter from the Editor

San Diego, here we come

Each May, I look forward to meeting up with friends and colleagues across the country and the world at DDW.


Celebrating our colleagues

We highlight two clinical risk-prediction tools – one designed to assist clinicians in predicting alcoholic hepatitis mortality, and one to...


Dressing in blue

What was once a local effort has now grown into a national phenomenon, and a powerful opportunity for the medical community to educate.


The power of physician advocacy

Prevention and early detection of GI-related cancers is a central focus of our clinical and endoscopic practice as gastroenterologists.


Giving thanks

Editor in Chief Dr. Megan Adams discusses her favorite holiday and highlights of the November issue of GI & Hepatology News.


Seasons of change

Dr. Megan Adams kicks off her inaugural issue with a look to the future in this Letter From the Editor.

Conference Coverage

Is Nissen fundoplication the best we can do?

Although we have good surgical and medical options, we all recognize that they are not perfect and we should not settle on the current state of...