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FDA clears new blood typing, screening instrument


The Food and Drug Administration has granted marketing clearance for the immunohematology instrument NEO Iris.

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NEO Iris is a fully automated blood bank instrument designed for the mid- to high-volume laboratory, according to Immucor, the company marketing the device. Immucor says NEO Iris provides the highest type and screen throughput on the market – up to 60 types and screens per hour.

NEO Iris performs ABO/Rh D typing, weak D testing, donor confirmation, cytomegalovirus screening, immunoglobulin G direct antiglobulin test and crossmatch, and antibody identification and screening.

The workflow management tool on Neo Iris has STAT priority and allows operators to run tests in any order at any time, according to Immucor.

The company says NEO Iris can hold up to 224 samples, and “modules can pipette, incubate, centrifuge, and read simultaneously.” NEO Iris integrates with Immucor’s data management software, ImmuLINK, to aggregate test results and produce reports with complete testing history.

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