HHS awards $2.2 billion for HIV/AIDS care in FY 2015



Over $2.2 billion in grants from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program were awarded to states, cities, and local organizations in fiscal year 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

U.S. cities, states, and territories were the main recipients of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grants. Under Part A of the program, $624.7 million was awarded to 53 metropolitan areas for core medical support to HIV/AIDS patients. Under Part B of the program, over $1.3 billion was given to 59 states and territories for core medical support and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

Sylvia M. Burwell Courtesy HHS

Sylvia M. Burwell

The remaining grant money, under Parts C, D, and F of the program, went to local, community-based organizations that provide core medical and support services to HIV/AIDS patients; local organizations that provide family-oriented comprehensive care to women, children, and infants; and to programs supporting development of innovative models, technical assistance, and clinical training for people living with HIV.

“Over the last quarter century, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has played a critical role in the United States’ public health response to HIV,” HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell said in a related statement. “These grants will make a difference for the most vulnerable Americans who lack adequate health care coverage or financial resources to pay for treatment.”

Find the full statement on the HHS website.

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