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VIDEO: Expert – Skin signs to watch for in HIV patients




WASHINGTON – While the widespread use of antiretroviral therapy in the United States has markedly reduced the prevalence of cutaneous manifestations of HIV and AIDS, dermatologists still may see patients who present with cutaneous manifestations of undiagnosed infections, including aggressive human papillomavirus infections, according to Dr. Carrie L. Kovarik.

Dr. Kovarik of the department of dermatology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, recommended seeing these patients more frequently – perhaps every month or 2 – to monitor HPV infection and genital warts. Even in patients who now have more robust immune systems, those who were once immunocompromised are at risk of malignant generation of their genital warts.

Dr. Kovarik discusses that, as well as hypersensitivity reactions to some HIV and tuberculosis treatments, in an interview at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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