FDA advisory committee votes to recommend first once-daily aminoglycoside antibiotic


Overall in Cohort 1, all-cause mortality at Day 28 or significant disease-related complications were lower with plazomicin than with colistin (23.5% vs. 50.0%). Because of the small patient HABP/VABP population in Cohort 1, the trial focused on patients with blood stream infections.

The rates of all-cause mortality and significant disease-related complications at Day 28 were much lower with plazomicin therapy than with colistin for patients with blood infections (14.3% vs. 53.3%, respectively). All-cause mortality alone at Day 28 was 7.1% in the plazomicin patients and 40.0% in colistin patients.

In the BSI subgroup, plazomicin reduced the rate of death by 86% and 63% on days 28 and 60, respectively, compared with colistin.

The uncontrolled data from Cohort 2 were supportive of the all-cause mortality rate in Cohort 1, with a rate of 14.3% at Day 28.


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