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Protein expression may predict HBV DNA suppression



Timing of expression patterns

During the question-and-answer session following his presentation, comoderator Pablo Sarobe, MD, from the Clinica Universidad de Navarra (Spain), said: “I’ve seen that you have compared the different proteins which are detected in your cell samples 24 weeks after stopping treatment. Do you think that these differences are already relevant just at the end of treatment, or that these proteins are being expressed [during] the 24 weeks between the end of treatment and your determination?”

“We only have one time-point sample, so it’s hard to say,” Dr. Chan replied, but he speculated that the delay would not have a direct impact on protein expression, “so probably this expression should last after treatment has stopped. But we only have only posttreatment 24-week data, and we believe that some of the outcome measures may change with longer follow-up. After 1 year some patients in suppression may relapse.”

Asked by an audience member whether the investigators had performed a subanalysis of patients treated with nucleoside analogs, Dr. Chan noted that such an analysis was under consideration, although the patient numbers were relatively small. He did add, however, that protein expression patterns differed among patients treated with nucleoside analogs and PEG-IFN.

The study was funded by Gilead Sciences. Dr. Chan disclosed sponsored lecture activities and consulting for Gilead and others. Dr. Sarobe reported no conflicts of interest.


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