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Tantrum-taming edibles, support gators, and chemo eggs


Chill out, kid

What do you do when your child has constant tantrums? A simple edible could do the trick, according to a Hollywood physician.

medical marijuana Courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Coaster420/Creative Commons License

The natural medicine physician is in hot (bong) water after recommending marijuana cookies as treatment for a 4-year-old child’s ADHD and bipolar disorder. The icing on the cake (or cookie) is that both diagnoses weren’t even accurate. Perhaps the doctor was sampling his own treatments before the office visit?

The progressive physician has had his license revoked for the “grossly negligent” diagnosis, which he made in 30 minutes without consulting the child’s teachers, his father, or a psychiatrist. Probably not the best way to handle it, said the state medical board. Perhaps he should have suggested some CBD-infused Coke, instead?

Gator saver

Dogs, cats, peacocks – these are the animals that many people with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues use for emotional support. But now, enter Wally, the emotional support alligator.

alligator mphillips007/

Spanning 5 feet long and sporting way too many teeth, Wally is the constant companion of a 65-year-old Pennsylvania man with depression. Wally’s owner decided to forgo pharmacologic treatment for something decidedly more reptilian.

Wally, who was rescued from Florida, loves chicken wings, hugs, and his adopted gator brother, Scrappy. He also has the potential to reach 16 feet long, which is … concerning. Something tells me you can’t take Wally on a plane as a service gator.

But don’t worry, Wally has been approved by a doctor. Rumors that Wally had the doctor’s arm in his jaws before approval are unsubstantiated.


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