The differential diagnosis you’re missing

An itchy 73-year-old woman came to see me. She had seen several competent dermatologists, had comprehensive workups, and had reasonable, even...

Managing Your Practice

Artificial intelligence in your office

Some AI-based tools are available to use in your office right now, with no “existential” threat to anybody.


Bad blood: Could brain bleeds be contagious?

Would recipients who got blood from individuals who later on had brain bleeds, have brain bleeds themselves? The answer is yes, though with an...

Hitting a Nerve

Buyer beware

Advertisements for unproven treatments abound, and it is up to the consumer to judge the merits of such “sketchy...


Can we be too efficient?

We aren’t factory workers punching out widgets, we’re physicians caring for people and people cannot be standardized.

Managing Your Practice

The multitasking myth

There really are too many tasks and not enough hours in the day. How can you get through them without falling into the multitasking trap?