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Antiseizure medication appears safe in pregnancy


AT AAN 2022

MONEAD findings

The MONEAD study included women from 20 different sites, with 145 participating investigators. The researchers compared outcomes in 284 women with epilepsy and 87 healthy women. The maternal mean IQ was 98 among women with epilepsy (95% confidence interval [CI], 96-99), and 105 (95% CI, 102-107) among healthy women. Seventy-six percent of women with epilepsy breastfed, versus 89% of controls.

Among the study cohort, 79% of women with epilepsy were on monotherapy, and 21% were on polytherapy. Thirty-five percent received lamotrigine, 28% levetiracetam, 16% were on another monotherapy, 10% received a combination of lamotrigine and levetiracetam, and 11% received a different combination.

At age 3, there was no association between the verbal index score of the child and whether the mother had epilepsy or not (difference, 0.4; P = .770). The researchers did find associations with the mother’s IQ (0.3; P < .001), male versus female child sex (–4.9; P < .001), Hispanic or Latino ethnicity (vs. Non-Hispanic, –5.5; P < .001), mother without college degree (–7.0; P < .001), average Beck Anxiety Inventory score after birth (–0.4; P < .001), and weeks of gestational age at enrollment.

The researchers found no association between third trimester antiseizure medication blood levels and verbal index score after adjustment (–2.9; P = .149), with the exception of levetiracetam (–9.0; P = .033). “This is interesting (but) not to be overblown, because overall the children on levetiracetam did well. But it must be remembered that teratogens act in an exposure dependent manner, so we’re constantly in this balancing act of trying to make sure you get enough medication on board to stop the seizures and protect the mother and the child, and at the same time, not too much on board where we increase the risk of teratogenicity in the child,” said Dr. Meador.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Meador and Dr. Hopp have no relevant financial disclosures.


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