CDC investigating 14 suspected Zika virus cases



Fourteen new reports of possible sexual transmission of Zika virus are being investigated by health officials in the United States, including several that involve pregnant women.

According to a media statement released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Feb. 23, in 2 of the 14 suspected cases, Zika virus infection “has been confirmed in women whose only known risk factor was sexual contact with an ill male partner who had recently traveled to an area with local Zika virus transmission; testing for the male partners is still pending.”

Confirmatory tests are pending for four additional suspected sexual transmission events, and the investigation is ongoing for an additional eight suspected cases.

“Like previously reported cases of sexual transmission, these cases involve possible transmission of the virus from men to their sex partners,” the statement reads. “At this time, there is no evidence that women can transmit Zika virus to their sex partners; however, more research is needed to understand this issue.”

In a separate announcement on Feb. 23, the CDC added Trinidad and Tobago and the Marshall Islands to the Zika virus travel notices. A full list of affected countries regions can be found at

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