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VIDEO: Transgender care becoming an increasingly important component of pediatric care




BALTIMORE – With a growing number of youth coming out as transgender, it’s becoming increasingly important for both the current and upcoming generation of pediatricians to know how to provide the best possible health care to this population.

“It’s now very common for pediatricians to be approached by parents or teens, and asked for help or support with a transition,” explained Dr. Daniel E. Shumer of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He added, “I think it’s incumbent upon pediatricians to figure out how to provide that education to trainees so that the next generation of pediatricians is able to provide excellent care for transgender kids and their families.”

In an interview at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Dr. Shumer elaborated on the importance of training new pediatricians on how to handle LGBT patients, exactly what such training should entail, and why it’s equally important for current pediatricians to educate themselves on this very issue.

Dr. Shumer did not report any relevant financial disclosures.

Go to LGBT Youth Consult on our site for articles on the nature of sexuality and gender identity and how they affect health, advice on how to talk with your patients about these topics, and how to make your office a safe place for LGBT youth.

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