Communicate with Millennials using their preferred methods



– Pediatricians can learn from how Millennials use services and purchase products from popular companies, such as Amazon Alexa, Warby Parker, Instagram, and Snapchat, and use that information to connect with Millennial parents and children in their practice, Kristopher Jones, JD, MS, said.

In a video interview, Mr. Jones explained how Amazon Alexa uses structured data as recommendations when users make queries of the service; for example, a Millennial might make a choice to book an appointment with a pediatrician based on the results Amazon Alexa displays, such as an office’s available hours. An office that is not optimized to appear in those results would be missed by those potential patients.

Warby Parker has a digital-first strategy focused on convenience, ease of use, and an emphasis on mission; one opportunity for pediatricians in this area is to be more overt about which causes they are supporting, Mr. Jones said. In the case of Instagram and Snapchat, pediatricians should consider creating a presence on these platforms and focusing on less text-heavy content to appeal to Millennials.

“It’s a really, really important opportunity to be able to meet the Millennials where they want to be met, and that means developing strategies to leveraging pictures and videos and other forms of Millennial content to communicate with them,” he said.

Mr. Jones reported no relevant conflicts of interest.

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