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FDA warns against use of Mother’s Touch baby formula


(Reuters) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Sept. 6 advised parents and caregivers against feeding Mother’s Touch Formula to infants as the product has not undergone proper testing.

The directive comes as the United States recovers from a severe infant formula crunch that began with pandemic-led supply issues and worsened after Abbott closed its Michigan plant in February because of reports of bacterial contamination.

The Mother’s Touch Formula is being marketed without U.S. clearance and has not been properly tested for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria, the FDA said.

The product has also not been tested to determine if it meets nutrient requirements, and contains label claims for seven nutrients that do not meet the requisite for infant formula.

The product is sold at local markets in Kinzers, Loganton, and Gap, all in Pennsylvania, and was available for purchase directly from the Mother’s Touch website.

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