The bionic pancreas triumphs in pivotal trial

When it comes to closed-loops systems for insulin delivery for type 1 diabetes, easier might be better. A new report on such a “bionic pancreas”...


How to make the best of your worst reviews

In primary care, the patient-physician relationship is so central to what we do that ignoring your “likability” has the potential to threaten your...

Managing Your Practice

EHR: A progress report

EHRs will inevitably be a part of most of our lives. And for those who take the time to do it right, it will ultimately be an improvement.

Child Psychiatry Consult

Talking to teens

The first step toward treating someone authentically as an equal when in a position of authority is to understand the unique stressors of their...

Behavioral Consult

Demystifying psychotherapy

Managing psychiatric illnesses is rapidly becoming routine practice for primary care pediatricians, whether screening for symptoms of anxiety and...

Letters from Maine

Where a child eats breakfast is important

“Skipping breakfast and eating breakfast out of the home were linked to greater odds of psychosocial behavioral problems than eating breakfast at...

Letters from Maine

Is gender dysphoria contagious?

My sense is that the general population perceives an increase in the prevalence of gender dysphoria; neither of two studies on this issue answers...