Letters from Maine

The power of napping

As a child approaches the 6-month milestone, napping is a topic ripe for well-considered anticipatory guidance.

Letters from Maine

Childhood cardiovascular risks and longevity

The two individual risk factors in childhood that appear to be the most potent in adulthood, obesity and smoking, are also the most frustrating...

Letters from Maine

Are teenagers tone deaf?

The good news is that teenagers are still listening to us, although they are increasingly more interested in what their peers and the rest of the...

Letters from Maine

Your grandmother, the metabolic influencer

So it appears that the first-generation offspring’s gametes and hence, the third generation, was being exposed in utero to something generated by...

Beyond the White Coat

Productively working together

My advice is to focus on the values, goals, and pathways you share with colleagues rather than using political or social differences to prejudice...