Pigmentary changes resulting from cancer therapies in skin of color patients; fillers and COVID vaccines

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Dermatology News:

Swedish registry study finds atopic dermatitis significantly associated with autoimmune diseases

Guidance issued on COVID vaccine use in patients with dermal fillers

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Dermatologic adverse events can present differently in patients with skin of color (SOC) than in White patients. In this episode, Candrice R. Heath, MD (@DrCandriceHeath), talks to Sarah J. Noor, MD, and medical student Dulce Barrios about how skin toxicities from systemic cancer therapies and radiation treatment manifest in SOC patients, particularly in the form of pigmentary changes. “We really need to understand the pathogenesis or etiology of this discoloration, because I think when this is the initial presenting feature, it’s possible … even though it looks more just like hyperpigmentation on the skin, that there is some underlying inflammatory process going on,” Dr. Noor explains. They also discuss barriers that limit participation of SOC patients in oncology clinical trials.

Dr. Noor and Ms. Barrios’s poster from the Skin of Color Society (@SkinOfColor) Scientific Symposium won the Best Oral Presentation Advancing Skin of Color Dermatology “Facing the Future Award.”

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Hosts: Nick Andrews; Candrice R. Heath, MD (Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia)

Guests: Sarah J. Noor, MD (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York); Dulce Barrios, MS (State University of New York, Syracuse)

Disclosures: Dr. Heath reports no conflict of interest. Dr. Noor participated in an advisory board for Kyowa Kirin. Ms. Barrios reports no conflict of interest.

Show notes by: Allegra Sparta, Alicia Sonners

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