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Distress or depression in a 12-year-old girl?


A 12-year-old girl presents for a well-child visit but is withdrawn, and her mother reports recent behavioral changes. Symptoms suggest a possible depressive disorder. The physician did not anticipate a mental health concern and is behind schedule. What are the next steps?

In this edition of Mental Health Consult, join our expert panelists for their analysis of this case, and their recommendations for assessing similar patients and addressing their mental health needs within the context of a busy primary care practice. Our panel includes Dr. David Pickar, a psychiatrist and former intramural research director for the National Institute of Mental Health; Dr. Lee Savio Beers of Children’s National Health System, Washington; and Dr. Lorenzo Norris, medical director of psychiatric and behavioral services at George Washington University Hospital, Washington.

“This is a case that … really gets at the heart of the idea of what is normal versus abnormal in terms of clinical depression,” says Dr. Norris. Watch the video to hear their perspectives on when and how to perform screening interventions, decide on referrals, handle emergent situations, and decide how practice models drive decisions and reimbursement.

Click here for a PDF of the case study.

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