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Intranasal esketamine

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Contraindications for intranasal esketamine include:

  • aneurysmal vascular disease, including thoracic and abdominal aortic, intracranial, and peripheral arterial vessels, or arterial venous malformations
  • history of intracerebral hemorrhage
  • hypersensitivity to esketamine, ketamine, or any of the excipients.

Clinical considerations

Intranasal esketamine represents a unique delivery system for the first glutamatergic treatment approved for patients with TRD.

Why Rx? Treatment-resistant depression is found in nearly 1 out of 3 patients with currently available monoaminergic antidepressant treatment options. Patients with TRD are at increased risk of physical and psychological impairment, subsequent worsening of their condition, and social and occupational disability.

Bottom Line

Intranasal esketamine is the first glutamatergic treatment option FDA-approved for patients with treatment-resistant depression who have not responded to standard antidepressant treatment options. In short-term trials, intranasal esketamine significantly improved depressive symptoms as quickly as 24 hours after treatment, with significant improvement maintained through 4 weeks of ongoing administration. In addition, intranasal esketamine was shown to significantly decrease time to relapse for patients who had achieved stable remission or stable response.

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