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20 Reasons to celebrate our APA membership in 2020

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7. Our economic welfare needs a strong APA to which we all belong.

11 APA caucuses

8. The antipsychiatry movement is a malignant antiscientific ideology that must be countered by all of us through a robust APA to which we all must belong.

9. The APA provides an enormous array of services and resources to all of us, individually or as groups. Many members don’t know that because they never ask.

10. While it is good to have subspecialty societies within the APA, we are all psychiatric physicians who have the same medical and psychiatric training and share the same core values. By joining the APA as our Mother Organization, we avoid Balkanization of our profession, which weakens all of us if we are divided into smaller groups.

11. The APA helps cultivate and recruit more medical students to choose psychiatry as a career. This is vital for the health of our field.

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