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20 Reasons to celebrate our APA membership in 2020

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17. The APA is our community, an ecosystem that sustains us as psychiatrists, and connects us in many gratifying ways that keep us rejuvenated and helps us avoid burnout that may occur in absence of a supportive network of supportive peers.

18. The APA provides us discounts on malpractice insurance and other products.

19. Opportunities for personal and professional growth are available within the APA. This includes leadership skills via participation in the DBs or at the national level via committees, councils, caucuses, and the Assembly.

20. Last but not least, the APA represents all of us in The House of Medicine. It has very productive partnerships and collaborations with many other medical organizations that support us and help us achieve our cherished mission. Besides adding “Physicians” to the APA name, working closely with other physicians across many specialties (especially primary care) will consolidate our medical identity and lead to better outcomes for our patients through collaborative care initiatives.

I thank all my colleagues who are APA members or Fellows, and urge all the readers of Current Psychiatry who never joined the APA or dropped out for any reason to come home to our Mother Organization. I hope you not only join, but become actively involved in the APA democratic governance structure, and contribute your considerable talents and skills to take the APA (which will hopefully become APPA in 2021) to its next level of preeminence. We will all be better for it.

PS. Please VOTE in this month’s APA election! It’s our sacred duty.


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