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Update on eating disorders Eating disorders: Which treatments are most effective

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Compared with other psychiatric diagnoses, eating disorders are relatively new. Bulimia nervosa was first described as a distinct syndrome in 1979, Update on Eating Disorders.” In part 1 Harrison G. Pope, Jr., MD, and James I. Hudson, MD, ScD, of Harvard Medical School describe how to avoid undertreating bulimia nervosa. Future issues will feature insights on:

  • anorexia nervosa by Katherine A. Halmi, MD, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
  • binge eating by Susan L. McElroy, MD, Renu Kotwal, MD, and Rakesh M. Kaneria, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Rigorous clinical research by these experts and others has helped weed out unsubstantiated theories while providing empiric evidence of eating disorders’ biological and psychological roots. This series updates the evidence for choosing medications and psychotherapies that have shown the greatest therapeutic promise.

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