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Shingrix effective in older adults with preexisting immune-mediated disorders

Key clinical point: Shingrix appears to be safe and effective in preventing herpes zoster in older adults with preexisting immune-mediated disorders.

Major finding: The overall effectiveness of Shingrix in the study was 90.5% in patients with preexisting immune-mediated disorders, and there was a similar rate of serious adverse events between the vaccine and placebo groups.

Study details: A post hoc analysis of 983 patients who received Shingrix and 960 patients who received placebo in the phase 3 ZOE-50 and ZOE-70 clinical trials.

Disclosures: This study was funded by GlaxoSmithKline; the company helped with conducting and analyzing the study and also provided the costs associated with publishing it. Five authors reported being an employee of GlaxoSmithKline during the time the work was conducted, and four of the five own stock in the company. One author is now an employee of UCB. One author reported having served on the advisory boards for Merck Sharp & Dohme, GlaxoSmithKline, and Curevo.


Dagnew AF et al. Rheumatology. 2020 Sep 10. doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/keaa424